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Individual coaching:


    -Time management

    -Stress management


    -Communication skills

    -Coaching Motivation

    -Emotional intelligence

Team coaching

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 The role of the coach, our strengths, choosing the best option 

The role of the coach
-to discover, clarify and align him/herself with the objectives of the coachee
-to increase the coachee's self awareness
-to get the coachee to generate their own solutions and strategies
-to help the coachee develop responsibility, empowerment and personal influence

Our strengths
- field experience in companies, experience as consultants, trainers and coaches
-a large pallet of methods and tools to be selected from according to objectives, individuals, teams and cultures

-an approach based on talents and resources of the individual 

-ability to adapt to everyone's level, needs and expectations  

How to choose the best option

Executive and corporate coaching
On the basis of a signed agreement and a deontology code.
The average time of a session is 2 hours (with a maximum of 4 hours).

Planning from 3 to 10 sessions.
Price in the form of an offer on request.

Personal coaching
On individual's request:
-for a specific purpose
-on the basis of a number of sessions fixed per month

The first session is always face to face, later sessions are either face to face or by telephone.
Price depends on the type of coaching and the option selected.

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