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Individual coaching:


    -Time management

    -Stress management


    -Communication skills

    -Coaching Motivation

    -Emotional intelligence

Team coaching

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Coaching is an interactive and developmental change process oriented toward
concrete impact and results.

The coach allows the coachee (employee or private) to:
- evolve according to their needs 
develop their potential
- identify and remove barriers to achievement
- increase awareness and achieve specific goals

The coach helps to clarify  the objectives and brings the adequate tools to enable the individual to evolve.

There are numerous situations where coaching is efficient:
(you will find details of working guidelines for the main themes on the left)

- assuming new duties and responsibilities
- stress management
- self-confidence, assertion of oneself, assertiveness
- improving performance,clarifying motivation 
- taking distance, having a clearer vision of a complex situation
- managing priorities and delegating et mieux d déléguer
- developing emotional intelligence
- preparing for meetings or negotiations
- solving relational difficulties
- improving daily practice of management            

Various types of coaching, executive coaching   
Benefits of coaching
The role of the coach, our strenghts, choosing the best option

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