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    -Time management

    -Stress management


    -Communication skills

    -Coaching Motivation

    -Emotional intelligence

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 Various  types of coaching 
                                                                                                             Cf Fr.Délivré
4 types of coaching :

Your objective is to develop your potential and specific abilities or skills.
The coach enables you to achieve your objective.

You face relational difficulties. The coach analyzes with you the context, the elements related to your personality and what will allow you to improve the relationship.

You are a manager and encounter difficulties related to exercising of your responsibilities.
The coach enables you to better understand the dynamics of groups and help you to discover and imple
ment new management skills.

You are an executive. The coach helps you to identify creative solutions and synergies for higher performance.

These different faces are not exclusive from each other and require various and complementary skills from the coach.
In each situation, it will be a question of clarifying the problem or project and then searching for options that best suit the individual.

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